Feb 14, 2008

In the Nation's Capitol with the Ruler of our World

DC in January...doesn't sound appealling to most. But mom, Luke and I enjoyed it! I had to go to another conference, so Maw met us halfway in Dallas to take over babysitting duties during the day. In between work we did a little sightseeing. Luke saw,f or the first time, a panda, an emu, wolves, cheetahs, and a zebra at the National Zoo. Then the next day he visited the War World II and Vietnam Memorials and from afar saw the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials, the mall, and the National Cathedral. To top it off he was the only one that stayed toasty warm after 2+ hours outside. The trip went well, although it is always stressful...the plane, the not sleeping so good, dirty hotel room remotes, etc...probably the last venture like that for a while.

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Anonymous said...

Hey granny....the pay for that amount of work should be.......lets say, QUITE A BIT HIGHER....Id say more like 955 a month with hourly breaks and free meals included....what ya think???