Sep 28, 2008

Wildlife Park

We went to the wildlife rescue last weekend. It is real close to home and Luke is into lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my! We however, are not into mountain lions! The second enclosure was one with 14 mountain lions, or as they refer to them, pumas. As we approached, from the back corner the largest one in the cage began stalking in, literally crouched down, slow moving closer and closer, eyes wide with anticipation. James and I looked at each other to make sure we were both watching. And, just as we thought, that mountain lion was stalking our baby (Luke). Just as he got to the edge of the cage, Luke tripped over a rock and the mountain lion went in for the kill - he leaped up and, of course, was deflected by the cage, but nevertheless it was a bit unsettling! Colorado, New Mexico, and all other such states were immediately deleted from the places to go and see list. We asked the guide about it and he said that they stalked every time something smaller than them walked by and that it upset the parents every time. The workers were, however, pleased. To them it meant these animals that were rescued from homes were finally back to acting like wild animals should. It didn't make us feel any better to see his joy. After all, I sprayed a little weiner dog last week with bear spray because he came a little too close to Luke's stroller on a walk around the block...who knows what I would have done to a mountain lion!

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