May 24, 2009

EMS Extravaganza

It has been a great weekend with the kids! Both have been super agreeable and I can't even remember a time out. Maybe that is why we have the extra day off tomorrow, so we can fit in all the timeouts and whining...TBD. But, so far it has been a really nice weekend and I'm thinking tomorrow will be more of the same. Saturday was EMS Extravaganza day and Farmer's Market. Farmer's Market was the first stop, but it was too crowded. The only good thing was that there were lots of dogs for Luke to get dog kisses from. After that quick stop, we were on to EMS Extravaganza. They were showcasing fire trucks, the SWAT team, the water rescue folks, ambulances, and supposedly police (although they must have been in the new, annoyingly sneaky police cars because I never saw them). So, below are the kids making nice with the bravest community servants.

I hope this isn't the memory that shapes the direction of her life. I'd prefer she not end up a SWAT chic.

Same here, not really rooting for a fireman in the family either. A librarian maybe, or a horticulturist.

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