Jul 30, 2008

Sam Update

We were expecting to bring Sam home this past Monday. But...Sunday night she had an apnea episode, which is basically just when you forget to breath. Little babies like her have underdeveloped brains and thus they simply can't remember everything they have to do. Age fixes the problem, as with each additional day the brain gets stronger and more capable. Anyway, anytime they have such an episode it adds 5-7 days to the stay for observation, make sure they are mature enough to handle the home scene with no monitors, etc. She had another episode on Monday evening, so we are looking at at least the weekend so far. Like we told everyone there who felt sorry for us though, we really are not disappointed. Although we certainly want to bring our baby home, we don't want to do it a second earlier than she is ready to come home. Neither of us think we'll be able to get over worrying about her breathing all the time as is, we don't want there to be any medical rush that would add to the uncertainty. Bottom line is, she still needs your prayers. We pray she'll develop more, get older, get bigger, and be completely ready to come home when she is discharged. BTW - She weighed in at 3 lbs and 15.9 ounces today...I say we can round that to a full 4 lbs. She is looking down right chunky, don't you think?

Her very first real outfit with matching hat! It is a preemie size and it is huge on her! She looks super cute in it though.

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