Jul 30, 2008

Luke Learning Bach

Luke goes to music every Wednesday. He has picked up a few things that he practices at home, and he at least watches the activity. Mostly though he is a free spirit who runs around at will and picks and chooses exactly what he will and won't do. Dancing is always fair game though...music, dancing...at least his dancing is appropriate in this class. Oh, and of course, he is the absolute cutest up and coming musician in class! The last two photos are of a few other recent activities, just before his sister was born. We spent one day a few weeks ago at the park on base (thanks for the heads up Denise, we didn't even know it was there!). It is great! He loves the swinging bridge and practicing for the driver's test the most. Then the last picture is of his first pony ride at Fiesta farms. It is basically a farm with a petting zoo and lots of other animals to look at. He enjoyed it and as you can tell he's also a natural on a horse. So many options, will he be a gymnast, a musician, a rancher, or a used car salesman (because he isn't allowed to be a race car driver)...only time will tell.

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Denise Wheeler said...

Very cute! No problem on the heads up. I guess we are going to have to postpone our get together at the park. You guys are going to be on quarantine soon for little Sam's sake.
I do hope you update about her soon. I would love to see more pictures of her. She is so pretty.