Dec 14, 2008

Luke's Day

The morning started out calmy enough. Luke travels with his red dog now. He happens to be his security object of the moment...they come and go. In fact, as James just put him down for the night he was putting his extra paci up to red dog's mouth (actually it was his neck, but we didn't correct him), patting him on the head and telling him "nap, nap".

Then he showed off his new real, big-boy shoes, by taking them off over and over. I was trying to get out of the house this morning for church, so I put his shoes on a little early while I loaded the car, and then put them on again half-way through the load, then once more just before actually putting him in the car. I didn't have to put on again until we got all the way to church, in the middle of church when he came to my side of the nursery to visit and again just before leaving church. Well...considering we completely forgot his shoes Saturday night when we went to James' work party, I guess he doesn't see the importance of keeping them on all the time.

And nap time went well too today. His hair gets a little crazy, but his smile stays in tact.

The only real cry of the day was this one. He stuck both legs through the gate and grabbed on. Then he was stuck. He couldn't maneuver his legs out to get his feet back on the ground, so he held on for dear life while we took a picture.

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