Dec 3, 2008

Playmates One Day?

Luke is trying. Night before last he went to Sam's basket of toys and carefully picked one out. Then he walked up to Sam in her bouncy chair and gave it to her (right on top of her face -- I had to redirect and show him to put it down by her hand). Then he took one step back and watched to see what she was going to do with it for about 15 seconds. When she didn't do enough "playing" to satisfy him, he audibly sighed as if to say "Fine then. I tried." Then he went on with his own endeavours. In a few minutes he tried again. This time when she didn't pick the toy up and shake it at him he threw his hands up and walked away, clearly annoyed that she didn't like his offer to play. It was so cute!

Then, last night we put her in the bumbo to look around. He thought that was cool and then got an even better idea. He rolled his big push behind red wagon cart up and pointed to it to tell us to load her up. So we did...I know it sounds crazy...but, James put her in her bumbo in the cart (sort of on top because it didn't fit nicely down in the cart where it might have been as least plausibly safe). Then we told Luke to be easy and go real slow. He inched backwards and forwards with her (like a full foot with me on one end and James on the other) and he was very pleased with himself. He went super slow and easy, somewhat unexpected. I think he thought for the first time that maybe he can get this baby of ours to play with him after all...under close supervision of course.

Ma and Pops Anderson just left from their Thanksgiving visit last Saturday. We miss them already. Luke clearly took to them and I had a full pair of additional baby holders, feeders, rockers. It was great and we had a great Thanksgiving meal that we did very little to help with. What more can you ask for? Maybe a movie and one more day to sleep in, but besides that? Here are some pics we took during their visit.

Helping her to sit up straight. Or just before attempting to push her over the edge, you never really know the intent.
Women and children.

Pops and a sleeping Sam. She slept more when they were here than any other day. When she has someone to pat her on the butt until she falls asleep no problem, but going to sleep on her own is a no-go.

Sitting pretty.

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