Mar 17, 2009

Busy Times

Man, it's been a while since I got to the blog. We've had computer problems on top of computer problems. But, no more excuses! Last week we had G'ma and G'pa Hurst here as they passed through on the way back to freezing cold Nebraska. We had yet another party for Luke. He hasn't stopped talking about birthday cake yet. It doesn't help that almost all Sesame Streets have some reference to birthdays, cake, or birthday cake. Then we had uber cold, rainy weather, which was needed, but not welcomed. it is beautiful just in time for the arrival of Ma Anderson and GG'ma and GG'pa Clagg. They kept me up until after 1030 playing phase's worse than monopoly. But, we are thrilled that they are getting to meet Sam. She has been really showing out too. She sits up really well now and laughs, and laughs. She is 16.5 pounds and aside from having a never-ending ear infection is fabulous. Luke had his first dentist appt yesterday and he did great. They really brushed his teeth a ton, put fluoride on and everything and he didn't mind a bit. He did make sure he had his new dentist-provided Elmo toothbrush before he left though. He's such a big boy. He has his two year old well-child appt (they don't call them well-babies anymore after 2, which is a little sad...he's still a baby to me). So...well see how he does with shots now that he knows what is going on. Not to mention that he remembers everything, lucky me...I'll be the one he holds a grudge against for the next 16 years probably. A necessary evil.

We all started the party with hats, of course.

Last was freezing. Also note, that while the kids are mostly dressed cute when you see them, should you peek in our backyard this is what you''ll find: Our precious rugrats clothed in whatever is within arms reach.

Sitting up so well! Luke better watch out, crawling is just around the corner.

It warmed up dramatically yesterday. So...who needs clothes?

Loving the park scene.

Our cool dude thinks his eyes will melt if he takes his sunglasses off.

My boys.

4 generations

The old and the young chilling in the a.m.

Ma and the kiddos.


Denise Wheeler said...

Cute pictures! You guys are just party fools huh? I am so glad that Sam is doing so well. She is such a darn cutie and Mr. Luke is just as handsome as ever.

Amy said...

these babies are adorable!!! I am so glad to be able to catch up!!!