Mar 30, 2009

Seaworld San Antonio

Luke and Sam's first trip to Seaworld! I was a little skeptical about it...I wasn't sure whether there would be anything interesting enough to keep the little man's attention. Well, everything was interesting enough. He loved it. He sat through the beluga whale show with all the acrobatics, and then also the sea lion/walrus comedy skit. He also dug the alligators, although he wanted to "touch, touch", which we tried to answer by pointing out the show-off who sat there the whole time with his mouth wide open. Then, there were the penguins, which probably would have interested him had there not been a moving sidewalk. He couldn't get over the moving sidewalk enough to notice the penguins, until of course we passed through the strategically placed gift shop which was full of ridiculously priced stuffed penguins. He now has a new friend in his crib...a, yet to be named, penguin.


Alligators that don't want to be touched.

Sammy watching the Walrus gig.

Luke amazed at the flying acrobats.

The post-Seaworld glow. (Luckily no sun-burn, probably just because we didn't think to change them out of their morning clothes although it did warm up about 40 degrees! Hot tamales.)

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Denise Wheeler said...

Very cool! I love, love, love Sea World. I can't wait to take the trio, though, I think I will wait a little longer. I love the pictures.