Apr 18, 2009

Easter '09

With Easter Bunny at the after-church party. He tolerated the Easter bunny, but preferred the petting zoo's goose.
Taking pictures, a favorite pastime. Only thing is he can't move too fast in mom's shoes.

So, now what do I do with this?

Found one! He took right to the Easter egg hunt. I wanted to do some trial runs the Saturday before, but it rained us out. So, I was a little worried, as usual without evidence to back up the worry. He had no problem. James showed him the ropes and he was off. I think he ended up with 7 total!

Increasing the bounty.

Just arriving at church. He won't take the time to get his backpack off...straight for the toys. He loves church. He asks me every single night when I'm putting him to bed if church is tomorrow. Saturday nights are a little tricky. I tell him we'll have to wait and see whether it is or else he'll be up at 5 ready to go! So, not lying, just not answering the question completely...a politician's tactic.

Sammy on Easter, watching the second, backyard Easter egg hunt. One wasn't enough for the little man. "Hide egg! Hide egg!" -- the chant of the week.

Easter morning just before getting her fancy pants on.

Day before Easter sitting on the couch...smiling...pretty, pretty girl!

Easter overload. This is what Sam did during the big Eater party. No petting zoo, no egg hunt, no bouncy air jump, no lunch...she didn't even last through from the parking lot to the pavilion.

But, she revived shortly after arriving home and dug into her Easter basket for the chicken.

And bunny.

At church. Dresses don't stop her.

Sam helping get brother up from nap.

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