Apr 26, 2009

Friederich Park Day

What's new? Well, Luke will only wear one pair of socks (unless they are dirty -- he accepts that excuse). If not dirty though it's the argyle Easter bright blue and green socks...no others will do. He wore them to church today with his shorts and pirate tee, he wears them most days. He's very attached. Also as a result of his blooming independent streak is "time out". We have a time out bench. Only thing is he continues to administer his own time outs...I don't think it is working as we'd like. He will just do something he knows he isn't supposed too, then walk over to the bench, hop up, tell me "2 minutes", and sit quietly waiting on me to come get him out. I could be wrong, but I'm afraid he isn't too distraught by time out.

As for Sammy, she is afraid of the dark. Or so goes my theory. James thinks I'm crazy, but you can decide. Last weekend on Saturday night I decided I was going to stay in her room literally all night if needed to see what the issue was, because even after the ear tubes she continues to wake up every couple of hours and wouldn't go back to sleep on her own. I wondered if maybe it was a beep in her room or a light or something waking her up. So, I went to lay her down, which is normally fine. And she was fine. I did my little straightening up routine in her room and then started to leave, turned off the light, and she started crying. I turned the light back on and she stopped. So I left the light on and did the rest of the evening routine without a peep from her. So, I slept in my own bed...all night long. She hasn't needed me to help her get back to sleep since. The only thing different is the light. So, crazy or not, she gets the light on from now on (it's on a dimmer, so real low light).

Last weekend we checked out this wilderness trail park. It is great because it has handicap trails (a.k.a. paved), so we can take the stroller and all stroll together. In the woods, but still in comfort. The rest of the pics are of that same day...just back at home.

Quick picture op out of the stroller.

But, she was happy either way...so long a she has some toys within reach. (And you are within sight...leave the room for 2 seconds and she is hollering at you! I have zero experience with separation anxiety, but am afraid that is about to change.)

The little man tired out on the way back. It was a workout on the way back for James.

Sticks, fascinating sticks.

Walking the ledge, very cautiously. He is a cautious little guy. Dad had to actually leave the paved trail first before Luke would even consider it. He didn't particularly want to be up here either.

Tolerating yet another picture. No "cheese" left in him.

Rocks...even better than sticks.

Both kiddos enjoying the sunshine shining through the trees.

Our super sloppy eater. I think she got this trait from the Anderson side of the family. She takes a bite and then does the raspberry spit. She thinks it's hilarious, Luke thinks it's hilarious, James just shakes his head, and I get the clean up.

See, I told you she thinks she's funny.

Our little man, who by the way can say "Go Huskers" and "Roll Tide" fluently now.

We are working on it with her. If not her first words, then shortly after "DaDa" and "MaMa" it'll be the football chants.

Did you know they came this cute?

Luke is starting to enjoy playing with her a little. He's pretty loving...when he wants to be. She loves it when he plays with her too, until he pushes her over which he thinks is hilarious.

Don't know if you can tell, but amidst all the toy options, here is Luke attempting to pour his juice down an old toilet paper roll. Who needs Toys R Us, we have trash.

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