Jun 18, 2009

Hot--Seriously Hot--Summer Fun

Ma and Pops were here visiting week before last. This was one of the highlights of the trip for Luke. Th water sprinkler with his Grandma. Can you tell he kinda liked it? It's going to come in handy because it is HOT here, as in like in the 100's every day for the last 3 days and in the forecast for the next 5+.
As did Grandma... She is apparently disarming. He had his face all in the water here with no coaxing required. But, Tuesday night we went to Seaworld and he wouldn't even consider putting his face in the splash pad water there. I have no idea what the difference is...maybe the people or the amount of water. Who knows, but it was surprising. He had fun of course and got sufficiently wet from playing with the water and the splashing, but no face action. Then we always have to do the walrus show...he has a thing for the "big walrus". He was so excited I had to periodically lean over and tell him "take a bite" to which he complied. Otherwise he'd have never touched the peanut butter and jelly sandwich he was begging for just seconds before the show started.

Sammy is trying to find her Cheerios amidst all the toys. It is amazing how fast they tire of the same toys, but yet never tire of the random box or tissue paper.

This is her content look. This was just before she started crawling, which was a rather frustrating time for the little lady. But...no more. Now she is all over the place, whether we like it or not. AND...added bonus, she has a tooth. Her first tooth came in on the bottom. AND...she claps. I came home from work today to find Sammy clapping, for herself. When she is real proud of herself for a long crawl or getting the trash bag out of the can, you know something cool, she pops up and claps her little hands off. Very cute and very sudden. Just all of a sudden today she breaks out is excessive clapping. There is no telling what new trick she'll spring on us next.

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