Jun 29, 2009

A Hurst Weekend

All ready for church. I shouldn't have fixed the red eye in this picture, as that was probably a better representation of Luke at the time. This was the moment just before he pushed her off the stairs. She's a tough one!
What is it about stairs anyway? Kids gravitate to them...maybe it's the freedom that awaits at the top? Who knows, but just like all kids do, Sammy goes for the stairs constantly.
At church with Ms. Paige. Paige helps her mom (my friend Jennifer) in the nursery on Sundays. Sammy knows her when she sees her coming.

Luke goes straight for the train table...and talks about it all the way there. On the way to church there is no looking for planes, motorcycles, car washes, or water towers (which are typically his favorite sightings); church = train table and that is all he can focus on.
Backyard activity to follow int eh little zebra pool. They both think it is a blast!

And...three days a week (at least) we hit the pool. James and I swim laps with the kids in the floats and then they play in the little one on the annoying breaks. Why do pools insist on a 10-min break every hour anyway? Are lifeguards unionized? Anyway, here is the little man lining up all his pool toys.
Water baby #2!

A little scary at first to trust them anywhere near each other in water, but he does really well. They splash each other and he'll push her back to us when she drifts too far away. Very cute!

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