Aug 31, 2009

Piano, Tent, Bear and School


What's new? Pianos and princess tents. School and a security bear.

James bought the kids a piano...he thinks they are musically inclined at age 2 and 1. Don't ask. Then he bought Sammy a princess, pink, castle tent because she needs one if Luke has one. I thought the one tent we had that takes up a good portion of the game room was for both of them...apparently there was some miscommunication there.

In real news, Luke started school this week. He isn't sure why he can't ride the bus yet, and I'm not about to tell him he isn't really a big boy yet. When asked at gym last week what his name was (they go around the room and ask all the kids their names and their parents' names) he responded "Big Boy". He goes to school on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and loves it. Note his advanced cutting skills in the pic above -- it's still a favorite past time. So far, he's gotten only smiley face stickers...I wonder if they make frowning faces. The down side is that the potty training by observation isn't working. He wears pull-ups at school and even pees in the potty on occasion. At home though he refuses to wear pull-ups, demands diapers, and doesn't hesitate to turn down any offer to potty in the big boy potty. He responds, "No mommy, Big Boy wears diapers."

Besides that Sammy is standing on occasion. Just from sitting down, she'll stand right up for a minute. No forward motion yet though. Walking will come soon enough I am afraid though. "Uh-oh" is still the favorite expression and the dramatic-two-hands-to-the-side-of-her-face "Oh-No" is her trick of choice. Very cute and very feisty. Luke has another thing coming when she gets confident on her feet. Also, she has determined her security object of choice, a pink teddy bear that her dad got her when she was still in the NICU. She loves it...took it everywhere the first day she decided to crown it "the one". Now she sleeps with it too. She has a death grip on it with one hand most of the night. It is all pink (see pic) and super girly, so despite my predictions that we have a tough little tom-girl on our hands, there may be a girly-girl down deep inside somewhere...TBD.

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