Aug 18, 2009

Pics, Pics, and More Pics

Laughing. She isn't as easy to make laugh as Luke really have to work at it. Tickling does the trick here!

Unfolding the clothes...her favorite past time. You can tell from the look on her face that she knows she is caught red-handed. This is just before she drops and crawls away like a mad woman to avoid being picked up and moved against her will.

With Pops who was just here for a visit week before last. I think he likes her.

Pretty, happy baby. She particularly likes living on the wild side. Throw her around, let her jump from tall structures...she's down for anything risky.

You can't get away with taking pictures for long or she moves in for the grab.

Watching Madagascar with Dad. He likes movies for about 20 minutes and then he starts roaming, but with Madagascar there is a return to the big screen when "Move it, move it" starts.

My mommy wears combat boots, when she can get them away from me.

With Pops and Dad. This was all day PJ was "PJs and Pancakes" at church this Sunday so he got to lounge all day long.

And...he's happy about it. Note the bag he's holding...another kid pleaser, along with boxes, wrapping paper, and anything else that belongs in the trash.

Mr. Fix It who never fixes anything. He has a hat in each toy rotation. This week was construction hat, next week is cowboy hat week.

Nothing major in news. My dad was here a few weeks ago for a quick visit, so we enjoyed that. We have since been doing the usual SeaWorld on the weekends. Luke really doesn't like the water park. He's a little scared of such things, so we basically sit in the foot of water at the edge of the wave pool and watch Sam risk her life trying to escape into the wave pool. They are total opposites right now. It doesn't bother her at all to have her face in the water and to keep going, but Luke just wants to sit with exploring right now. He's more interested in the shows and animals. So we get soaking wet to stay cool before going to a show. It works for everyone.

The funniest thing for the week was Luke's checking of Sam's diaper the other day. I'd just taken her clothes off because they were messy. So in the interim before she got re-dressed she pooped. Luke proceeded to walk over to her, pull the back of her diaper wide so he could look in and pronounce "Shoo-wee, Stinky Pants". I was hoping he'd also take the initiative to change it, but no such luck. The scariest moment of the week was Sam falling down the stairs. I forgot to put the gate up so up she went. I didn't know until she fell back down (like 2 steps). And in typical Sam fashion she cried only because she was mad that I picked her up and put the gate up...not hurt, just mad. She's going to be a handful!

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Denise Wheeler said...

They get better looking everytime I see pictures of them! You are certainly going to have your hands full with Sam. I laughed so hard tonight at the kitchen table that Caitlin said I was turning purple. Steve kept trying to figure out what was so funny. What I found hysterical was the fact that we are in biiiiiiiig trouble with one little Miss Lucy!