Oct 31, 2009

Halloween Festival at Giant Steps

This was the Fall Festival at Luke's little school last night. The picture taking was not lopsided, but the action was. Luke was cautious and ready to pose at any minute, while Sammy was non-stop and completely opposed to looking at the camera...thus the many, many pics of Luke alone. In most instances, Sammy had just darted out of the frame. It's a chore at best to catch them both at the same time or in Sammy's case at all. Anyway...Luke is hugging on Ms. Rojas and Ms. Klunder in a few shots -- those are his teachers, with Ms. Rojas being the lead and Ms. Klunder is the aide. When we got home he got to have a sucker for the very first time. It was a big tootsie roll one and it took forever! He literally sat in his chair and worked on it for 45 minutes. At last we had to store it for the night so we could get them in the bed. Sammy had a knack for getting her a few things too. While Luke was nicely trick or treating and being handed the candy and toys, Sammy would sneak around behind, and go straight for the backup stash. We have a handful of kaleidoscopes acquired in this fashion. Lots of fun...looking forward to rounding the block tonight. Luke says he wants "a bunch a candy."

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Adrienne said...

I love the costumes. The fireman outfit is adorable!!!