Nov 27, 2009


In Hurst news...last weekend was SeaWorld. We didn't know that it was Sesame Street Christmas! Every show had sesame street interweaved and then there was an all Sesame Street show...everybody was there (except Oscar). Luke loved it, of course. Sammy and I played in the dirt just outside the theatre for most of the shows because she is not into being restrained for any reason, not even Elmo and Abby do the trick, much less large killer whales trained to spin small people around in the air (I mean, really, is it THAT impressive? She thinks not.).

Then last week was also Luke's first ever school production. They dressed as scarecrows, note the scarecrow hat and sang a song. We couldn't understand a single word, but I'm sure it was very cute. He was cute. He didn't realize we were there until after the show, which was funny...he was thrilled. That was our real thanksgiving treat this year. The actual day was uneventful. We ate out instead of adding cooking to the list of things to stress about mid-move and major life change. It was stressful anyway, remember, we have a 2 and a half year old. Afterwards we hit the duck park and feed them all the cheerios I could round up from random snack bags in the van.

Then, today was family picture day. We requested pics of long, lean adults and really cute kids. We got half the order. The kiddos did so good they were rewarded with yet another picnic in the park, which served us well for nap time. They slept almost completely through the AL game! Perfect timing...I'm sure Saban arranged the timing just for us. top it off tomorrow we are off to Elmo Live. Wish me luck. It is Daddy/Sammy date day and Mommy/Luke date day. So, I'm the lucky one who gets to sit through Elmo Live. I'm sure Luke will make it all worth it...he doesn't know yet. When we geeked him up about Walking with the Dinosaurs he didn't take a nap for like 2 days, so this time we are just referring to it as a "surprise" until game day. Pics will be posted, of course...stay tuned. Sammy on the other hand probably gets her three hundredth tour of Bass Pro Shop if I had to guess.

As for firsts...Luke got his first cowboy boots. He put on a pair of Sammy's black patent, leopard fur trimmed boots (which she can't wear yet) and would not take them off. He asked to sleep in them. So, Dad vowed he needed boy boots as soon as possible. So, he has cowboy boots that he wears with everything, PJs, shorts, a diaper, just whatever. He asked the salesman where his horse was, after all he did have a cowboy hat, boots, and a big buckle, so it was a logical question. The following day, Sunday, at church all I heard in the nursery, coming from the other side, was "I have new boots. Wanna touch them?"

Sammy is a proficient "hi" and "bye" waver now (and still the best hugger around). She proceeded to "hi" everyone at the park, super friendly. Then, she also can take direction quite well all of a sudden. She is keenly aware of what "snack" and "eat" mean. She keeps the shoes straightened. As I try to get every one's shoes on she puts them away. So in one session I have to go back to the shoe bin to retrieve the shoes several times unless you can get them all on everyone very quickly. Oh, and she talks on the phone, not when someone is actually talking to her, but when she plays with her phone. They both think they have real phones. They have our old phones that we charge up just like ours, so she will walk around having a conversation that consists of lots of "hi"s. Very cute. They are very cute, which is sometimes the only thing that saves them.

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