Nov 18, 2007

Dallas Trip

Another successful trip...this time not by plane though. Instead he made the 5-hour pilgrimage to accompany his Dad to his annual Asthma and Allergy Conference in Dallas. Grandma and Grandad Anderson flew in the same day to meet us. It was a great week for them to get to catch up on all his advancements, to include clapping and waving. He claps when he is happy, when you come to pick him up, when he is proud of himself, when he wants your attention, and also when you are trying to show him something new and he just isn't getting it. He immediately goes into a clap to make sure you remember that he has skills. Waving he still has to think about. He waves backwards mostly, so that he can watch himself do it. Anyway...back to Dallas. We stayed at a fancy-smancy hotel and ate $18 breakfast (only once though). The town, which was actually a suburb called Grapevine, was very nice. I told James I wouldn't mind going back someday when my pockets were lined in cash, as they had lots of fun, unique items. We mostly walked the downtown area, visited the mall, walked the hotel grounds, ate incredibly fattening foods, visited, and indulged in baby fun. James has the ability to illicit the best baby smiles. He "crashes" Luke regularly and then he has some sophisticated tongue-sticking-out moves that Luke is constantly trying to imitate. Otis also got his first baby laugh last night, although he was not working for it. Actually, Luke let out a little giggle as Otis tried to escape from his grasp...again.

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