Nov 19, 2007

Not Again!

Oh no...not again! The flu shot, that is. The first time someone gets the flu shot they have to get a half dose and wait thirty days before getting the 2nd half. So, our poor baby had to do it the second time today. And he let us know he was none too happy about it. The first time he barely noticed, but today was a different story. Let me set the was 4 p.m., approximately an hour and a half past his nap time. While waiting for his dad to get done teaching and "hook us up" he had visited some 20 different stranger friends of his mom's throughout multiple floors of the hospital. He must have known something was up because he put on his shy-show and turned his head so he could only peek at people through his peripheral vision...very few smiles were dished out. Then just before the deed was done he tried to eat, but was so distracted by the odd hospital artwork that he just couldn', he was also well past snack time. And then he got the dreaded shot and cried like we've never seen him cry before. Big fat tears flowed immediately and he was crying so hard he couldn't catch his breath. It was horrible! If I didn't know it was for his health we'd never do another shot again. In fact, for the weaker among us, I can see why some parents refuse immunizations for their children...does it really have anything to do with safety concerns or did they see a sibling, or a friend's child go through the ordeal and just not want to see their own child in such agony? It is almost understandable. But, our baby is a survivor, already. He whined the rest of the night, which warranted a full showing of Baby Einstein, his favorite foods (tainted with motrin), all the water he wanted, a long bath, and an early bedtime. Three more shot-free months up next.

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Karen Huston said...

Thank you so very much for sharing these delightful highlights. The little guy is adorable. Grandpa Hurst sent a CD to review and we have seen all the wonderful pics that he has been able to share with us. It is so exciting and how wonderful to use this to send our love and congratulations on your beautiful life. James, you deserve it so very much and Uncle Fred and I want you to know that you are loved and thought about often. We are so happy to have this opportunity to share it all, so keep it coming. I will share some pics later with y'all of our new little one, Mari who was just born 8/30 this year. OOOOh! I love babies! Kisses and hugs to all. Love, Aunt Karen and Uncle Fred