Nov 18, 2007


Luke's first Halloween was a success...I'm just a little slow about getting around to writing about it. In this neighborhood it is not uncommon for folks to sit in the driveway and pass out their candy from there...which is what we opted to do. Unfortunately all the cute Halloween costumes that Grandma Hurst sent our way were too small by Halloween night. So, instead he wore a Halloween sleeper, also provided by Grandma Hurst before he was born. James made the back of his pickup a play land and got the candy positioned. We proceeded out just before dark and quickly found out that Luke was not interested in playing. He was a little apprehensive, so mostly sat in my lap all night long...which, of course, I never complain about. He wasn't fact, he smiled at the trick or treaters as they came by...just not ready to be let lose. This slight bit of wanting to hold on to mom in scary situations is one that I do not take for granted. I know it'll be too soon that he wants his independence and no matter how much longer we'll not be welcomed by me :( I told him just today that no one could ask for a better baby...he's cute, down-right happy, and to top it off he's ours.

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