Jun 26, 2008

20 20

Luke had his very first ophthalmology appointment yesterday. The clinic was impressive. The play area was entertaining enough to keep his attention while waiting to be seen, they had Jungle Book showing in all the kid exam rooms, and they test everything using toys instead of your typically lights and lenses. He had fun I think. Oh, and the ophthalmologist was funny. He sang and made noises the whole time he was examining just to keep Luke's attention and he explained how he was about to put on his "funny" light hat before doing so, etc. He was really good at what he did. Even with waiting 20 minutes for his eyes to dilate, we were in and out in 45 minutes...not bad.

And...the outcome was that according to the technician Luke had beautiful eyes, which she noticed while dilating him. He was supposed to be upset by the first drops that feel like "shampoo in the eyes", but he didn't even frown at her. Then, according to the doctor, he was a very strong boy, based on his repeated high-five slaps. And he also said his eyes, on the surface and behind, are perfect and his vision is perfect for his age. Great to have verified, although with his aptitude to spot planes and helicopters miles away we probably could have come up with the same diagnosis.

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Denise Wheeler said...

Glad to hear his eyes are perfect. I wish our appts with the opthomolgist would go that fast. It never happens though. Oh well.