Jun 24, 2008

Mary Lou in the Making

Luke attended his second session of gym class. Yes, gym class for little people. It is a hoot! First off, he was accidentally registered for the wrong class, and as such he is the youngest. The class is designed for 18 mth to 3 yr olds. But he copes. He deviates a bit, well, a lot. The music is the real problem. The instructor gives some instructions first (like run in a circle, tickle your mom, gallop like a horse, touch your toes, etc.), as most of us sit in a big circle. Then, after the instructions, the idea is that the kids and parents will follow the instructions as the music plays for a few seconds. Then, the music stops, more instructions, music starts, we do our activity, etc. Luke does great - he wanders along with several other kids while the instructor gives instructions. He is not the only deviator, UNTIL, the music starts. When the music comes on the other kids notice the activity, join the circle and perform as instructed. Not, Luke. He notices the music, stops whatever he is doing wherever he is doing it and dances his heart out. On occasion he'll join the running circle as you pass by, as long as it isn't going too fast for him to dance and run at the same time. If it is too fast, he just makes his way to the middle and proceeds with a little Jackson routine.

Luckily, shortly thereafter, we move into explore time. This is his forte. He knows how to explore. Some kids get in the way at times, to which he just reaches out ,grabs a shirt, and pulls them out of the way. We have gotten a few dirty looks from other parents, but, hey, he's only 15 months old, these older kids should understand, right? Right. Mixed in with explore time are 2 or 3 activities for the day, like front rolls, balance beam walking, or swinging like a monkey from the bars. He has been able to do them all with some help. I mean, he didn't actually ever hold the bar tonight, but he did swing with his spotter's help and that counts in little people gym class. Besides, he looked cute, and we got pictures, which are below. Oh, and he is also a bit advanced. There is one activity where all the kids get on top of a parachute and the parents drag them around in a circle. Luke is the only one able to stand the entire time as we spin them around, never mind that he is supposed to sit down...this kid has balance.

The instructor threatens to take him home due to his extraordinary cuteness and pleasant demeanor. Similar to last night. He went to the nursery at church with about 5 other kids. Three of them wouldn't stop crying until they called in reinforcements. They all said Luke just walked past them and gave them "the look", which I find rather funny. He only knows "the look" because he learned it from us at home; he gets it when he is fussy for no apparent reason. Mister high and mighty, little do they know. But, still they went on and on about how pleasant he was. I'm pretty sure anyone inviting him into a room with all new toys would find him rather pleasant...he knows what he likes.

Anyway, still cute, still having fun, still our favorite baby...

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That looks like fun!!