Jun 15, 2008

Beach Bum in the Making

Just returned from Luke's first beach trip! We met the Anderson grandparents and Uncle Jeffrey, Aunt Lynn, cousins Michael and David at Perdido Key this past week. Luke was a champ on all the plane rides and the drive to and from the airport. He did startle a few people in the airport as he mocked the fire alarm that was going off overhead. Just when it stopped he picked up the noise, so those around us couldn't stop panicking just yet...he sounded just like the alarm!

As for the beach - he liked it, but wanted to hold on to someone tight. He refused to walk in the dry sand though. I guess it felt too much like work to him. We did more pool time than beach time, and after every stop rewarded him with some play at the splash pad, which was hands down his favorite. He drank the water, scooped the water, tossed his ball through the water, and just generally enjoyed getting wet

He didn't sleep as well as he does at home, but stayed on schedule with his morning and afternoon naps pretty well. He just didn't sleep in like we would have preferred, so 6 a.m. was our wake up call each day.

Check out the pictures chronicling the plane ride all the way down to the coastline...

He watched the clouds as long as he could, then succumbed to sleep.
A view of the beach from our room.
As long as there are toys involved, he'll go anywhere.

Luke's most fun moments included the elevator trips. He ran out to the elevator, pointed for you to push the button, then picked one of the three elevators to lean on, awaiting the door opening. As soon as it opened, he'd check the gap, run on, look out. Then as soon as it stopped he promptly turned around and waited for the door to reopen. He knew exactly how it worked, and I'm pretty sure he could have made it back to our room all by himself - he has a knack for directional memory.

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