Aug 2, 2008

Not Again!

Just a quick note - little Sam was supposed to come home today. They even were able to get enough towels around her bottom and neck to get her to pass the car seat challenge (took 3 times though). I watched all the videos and signed all the boxes...we were ready at home, no stopping us. I called at 6:40 a.m. to make sure she made it through the night. The cut off for 5 full days was 4 a.m. and sure enough she made it without any episodes. So...I walk in at 9:30 to feed and wait on the discharge paperwork only to find out that she had an apnea episode at 8:00! So the clock restarts, we have at least another 5 days now, so we won't have her home until at least Thursday, assuming she has no more episodes. I wouldn't say we were terribly disappointed though. Like I told James, that morning when I hung up the phone I said a quick prayer to plead that if she was going to have anymore serious breathing problems, that she have them within the next 2 hours or else no more at all...and he answered. We just don't want her to have any such thing at home. And seeing how is the last two times she went the full five days and then had an event I think it is kind of scary anyway. They say that statistically if a baby goes 5 full days without an event then she won't have anymore. Well, our Sam goes 5 days, plus a few hours, so do the statistics not apply to her and if not, then the concern is how do we have any confidence in the five day plan to start with? So, anyway, we are glad she had it there and hope that we'll get her home, but not a day sooner than she is ready.

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Denise Wheeler said...

I am sorry that she didn't get to come home but glad that the prayer was answered. I know you are excited and scared at the same time. Still lots of prayers for all of you.