Feb 26, 2009

I'm 2!

He's in awe. He'd been talking about birthday cake for a good two days (after seeing it as the focal item on Elmo's World). I told him he'd get one, but I don't think he really believed me until this moment. He blew out both candles, two blows, all by himself!

This was the first bite. I don't know whether the fork was just too far away to reach or whether this is how Elmo ate it, but he didn't hold back.

And he was pleased with himself and the icing.

Towards the end, as the sugar built up and started dragging him down he moved to the fork method.

Post-cake he got a big sticker (from his b'day card from Dad) that identified him as the birthday cake eater. He proudly displays here.

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Denise Wheeler said...

Happy Birthday little man! I really think you guys should have made him a Jr. He looks just like his daddy. LOL.