Feb 4, 2009

More Firsts

Pictures are forth coming...as Sam had her first trip to the beach. Specifically we all went to South Padre to visit Grandma and PaPa (Luke's preference) Hurst this past week. Another first is, also during the beach trip, Sam's first ear infection. Actually, it is our first kid ear infection ever, as Luke has never had one. Her eardrum perforated and we took her in to urgent care down there where they diagnosed it and gave us some antibiotics. I'd say she is a pretty tough cookie though as I had the discomfort pegged as minor gas/belly pain related to starting solid food, combined with a shake up of her routine due to the travel. Boy was I wrong! I paid for the mis-diagnosis with heaps of guilt.

Then, she had her 6 month well-baby appt this past Monday. As we waited on the doc to come in, she rolled over! Back to front, first time ever. And now she does it quite regularly. We've been waiting on that one a long time. She weighed in at 15 lbs and 6 oz.. She is 24 inches long. She was in the 25th percentile for weight and head circumference and the 5th for height. It is the first time she has been on the charts for her real age, so she is doing great! Oh, and her ear looked much better, normal in fact, so that is way better.

Luke is talking like a big boy, with 3 and 4 words together quite often. He also has a bit of an attitude too. Could it be the terrible twos? I kind of think he is too cute to attach the word terrible to in any fashion. So, we'll just go with "strong personality"...Luke is in the strong personality phase (which will pass, right??). The latest, greatest in his world is that he is registered for school in the fall, Yes, they have school for two year olds. He'll be a tiny two turtle at Giant Steps Learning beginning in August. He'll go two days a week from 0830-1230. He'll have a little back pack to carry back and forth and he'll have classmates to make valentines for...what fun! We decided to find something for him to do just because I think he gets bored at home all the time. And, I sometimes wonder if we are "dumbing" him down with his being at home all the time. He never ceases to amaze me at what he says or does, which I had no idea he was capable of. So, I often wonder if our image of him as our little baby is not progressing at the pace he'd like and thus, maybe introducing him to more structured learning taught by people who do this all the time will keep him entertained and be good for him. I have no scientific basis to support that theory, but it was part of what drove the search for a school program and certainly was the basis for a school search as opposed to a daycare search. Just think...this fall I'll have school pictures to post, maybe holding a little yellow ruler or something. I'm excited about it now; hopefully it'll be just as exciting on the first day when he breezes into the classroom without a glance back (yeah right, he doesn't like being left anywhere here lately!).

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Denise Wheeler said...

I am glad Sam is doing so well! I hope you get some pictures up soon.
Hopefully school goes well for Mr. Luke in the fall.