Feb 21, 2009

Just Pics

Yes, this is Sam in Luke's pool clothes. At South Padre we had no swim suit for Sam...after all who usually needs one in Jan. So, she made do with Luke's old gear. She looks pretty happy about it, right?
Our happy baby returns, post the ear infection.
Luke, at the pier. He is looking through the slates to catch a glimpse of the passing birds. He loved this day...we just walked out the pier and looked at all the pelicans and various other wildlife.
Our little Texan showing off his first cowboy hat. I don't think he is ready for ranching yet, but you have to start somewhere.
As for other news, I'm sure there have been many things that have occurred since my last posting...but, in my sleep deprived state I can only recall one. Sam has the flu. James started it. He came down with it last weekend. Then Sam woke up Wednesday morning burning up and feeling horrible. Sure enough, she has it too. Since James had the flu shot on board he has a mild case, but poor Sam just got her shot the Friday before (she was just big enough to do so), so it was of no use to her. In fact the first time they get it they also only get a half dose to make sure they respond all right, so she really only has a half now, with a second half to come. Anyway, it is awful. She was so uncomfortable. She was up literally all night Wednesday and Thursday nights and most of Friday. Tonight she went down like old times, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. She does not have pneumonia or an ear infection though, which are the accompanying problems many times, so I guess we are lucky...I just don't feel lucky.


Denise Wheeler said...

I love the pictures! I hope everyone is feeling better. Leave it to the dad's to start something like the flu going around. Our dad did the same thing!

Denise Wheeler said...

Laura, I went and checked out their blog but for some reason I can't comment. I have tried multiple times. Their babies are gorgeous!!!!
I will keep trying and I am going to add them to my list of blogs to read.