Jul 10, 2009

Dear Sammy

Boo Boo, Baby, Sissy, Sammy, Angel, Little One, Little Girl, Sweetie, Sweet Pea, Sam (anything but Samantha for some reason!):

You are 1! I can't believe it. It's taken forever at some moments and has flown by all the others. You started out a 2 pounds...today you are 20. You also grew 11 inches in a year. You are right on track for any other 1 year old out there and...I knew you would be. Your month in the NICU was really not worrisome to me at all. Your tough. You started tough and you fine tune that strength by combating your brother's hits and pushes almost every day. You've had quite a year to remember. The thing that sticks out besides your birth are the trip to South Padre. You were miserable, screaming and barely sleeping at all. During the trip we discovered you had ear infection #1...4 infections later you got ear tubes. We showed at the hospital at 5:30 a.m. and you weren't allowed to eat. Surgery was delayed from 7 to 11 and did you complain at all...nope. You are so pleasant and easy to read. You tell us when you are tired and when you are hungry (and with the ears when you were hurting), but you rarely cry for any other reason. You go to sleep so easy at night and most of the time sleep through the night with no problem. If you get up at all you get a quick drink and go right back to bed...very nice of you. I sometimes worry that you get the short end of the stick because your older brother demands a lot of attention. We don't stay home very often for you to take a morning nap even though you'd take one. But...you love going out and as soon as we get somewhere, despite being tired, you perk right up and take it all in. You will NOT sleep anywhere if something is going on...I think you are afraid you'll miss something. So, over all, I think you don't really mind the one nap a day deal as soon as you see that you've been included in the festivities.

The cutest thing is your little front tooth. It just barely extends beyond the surface and it serves to add one more element of cute. Everyone thinks you are beautiful, we know you are. You always have been. Your blue eyes and dark (but turning lighter) hair are gorgeous, even with the "wing" curls. I'm amazed that your skin tone is so completely different than your brother's. You are naturally dark. We get lots of comments about your "tan"...they don't know that you aren't allowed to leave the house with anything less than 50 spf sunscreen on. You crawl and have been for about 3 weeks now. But, you aren't going to settle. You are already pulling up and cruising all over the place. Tomorrow when you open your b'day gift you are getting a push-toy. I feel confident you'll be able to manage it (if you can keep your brother from hijacking it). The cutest is when you are pleased with yourself. You'll climb up in the football chair or pull up on the table and immediately turn to find who is looking. You smile as big as possible just to make sure everyone is joining in the excitement. Sometimes you also clap for yourself which just makes everyone do it...you are learning to direct the show early. You are a mimicker. You copy what we say in your own baby language. I think shortly after steps will start hearing words, but no rush. I don't want you to grow up too fast. Well, really, no matter how fast or slow it goes you'll always be my little girl. Even when you are 5 feet tall, I know I'll remember your baby smile and your endless wonder that makes the day exciting for everyone. The only thing I wish changed is your interest in all things off limits :)...but, hey, that's what babies do.

But, anyway, so that you’ll be able to share the wonders of you at one with your own kids some day…here’s all about you:

Favorite food and drink: Gerber stars, crackers, carrots, corn, strawberries, watermelon, mandarin oranges, bananas, bread, anything besides baby food (although your favorite used to be squash and pears); water from your own little sippy cup

Favorite show: You have no interest in shows unless there is music to dance too. With a little music you'll do a little jig.

Favorite toys: chicken dance egg, balls, piano, exersaucer, football chair, bath toys of all types, anything Luke likes and doesn't want you to touch, mommy's jewelry

Big trips this year: South Padre to see Grandma and Grandpa

Big sickness this year: 2 month immunizations and then multiple ear infections between Jan and Mar

Favorite people: Luke, Mommy, Daddy, and Noni

Activities/Places: church nursery, SeaWorld, swimming! You loved swimming from the very first time you went...you kick around and have a great time.

Least favorites: green beans, pureed meat, peaches, tofu

Size: 12 mth

Unforgettable firsts: first (one and only) tooth, crawling, sleeping through the night, climbing the stairs, clapping, pulling up, cruising, smile

You wish you could forget them moments: the ear infections and when I flipped you right out of the travel swing just a few days after you were came home (it was awful!)

The world around you: Barack Obama is President and is trying to pass universal health care. He already passed the largest stimulus billion history to try and combat our horrible economy. Iran is in turmoil over a seemingly corrupt election. Italy had a devastating earthquake. Michael Jackson died at age 50. The two top AF leaders were fired (Chief of Staff and Sr Enlisted guy). The first women ever ran on the Republican ticket for Vice President of the US (Sarah Palin). Your Great-Grandma Anderson (Mrs. Polly) died in April. You Great-Clagg Grandparents meet you for the first time on their visit here in March.

Your adorable. I love you from your little curls down to your little 10 toes. I can't believe how much you've grown, both in size and personality. You are going to be Miss Independent and I look forward to getting to know you more and more. You know what you want and I have what I want...the best family in the world. You completed our household and brought more joy to the mix than we could have ever imagined. Sometimes I hold on to you for a really long time before laying you down at night, because I can. I won't always be able to hold you in my arms, but I'll love you just the same every single day! I love, love, love you. -Mommy

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Denise Wheeler said...

What a wonderful letter to little miss Sam! A very happy and belated birthday. She is such a beautiful little girl.