Jul 25, 2009

The Latest and Greatest

SeaWorld with Grandma and Grandpa...who got to visit us just a couple of weeks ago. This is the shark and fish tank that Luke is checking out.

The stroller shot is just before we left the park. We sort of did all day...we went at opening, saw a few shows, feed the dolphins, and then headed home for naptime. When they got up we went back hoping to see the best show, Viva, which is acrobatics and of course, whales. It started lightening though, so it was cancelled...they swam the new baby beluga around to appease us and then we moved on to the pirates. When it was time to leave it was pouring the rain...so we were soaked without ever stepping foot in the water park. It was kind of nice, cool and fun.

This is after the pirate show. Sammy and Luke went up to see the actors. Sammy loved the music at all the shows. She had an absolute blast dancing and clapping...I'm pretty sure that's the most excited I've ever seen her. And...she was pooped.My recommendation though...skip the pirate show. It's not very good, yet Luke loved it. Now he talks about going back to see the pirates all the time...if only we could have just stuck with the walrus and whales.

The two bath buddies.

Very exciting day...he couldn't wait to try out his big boy bed!

All his animals and blankets conveyed.

Sammy sleeping like an angel.

Lots of new things around here...

Where to start? Sammy waves. She waves back at you with both hands. Very cute, as usual. Also of note, she can't be trusted around stairs. She knows precisely the second that they are left un-gated and she'll dart that way. Last week one day I was in the kitchen putting dishes away when Luke came and said "Baby on stairs." He was right. In fact she was almost to the top. When she realized I was coming she sped up and plopped at the top with her big, one tooth grin. My one relief was that Luke came to tell me as opposed to trying to rescue her himself. She's a bit of a daredevil all the way around I think. Her latest favorite past time is to climb up on the football chair and then leap (literally she stands up and jumps without a flinch) out onto the pillows (that are always on the floor -- pillows are single-handily the most entertaining thing in our house for some reason). Oh, and she says "uh-oh" a lot. I think it must be an easy thing to repeat because it seems like Luke did that early too; she easily repeats it as well as spontaneously lets out an "uh-oh" quite often. She constantly surprises me with something she does that I didn't know she could do...you know they are supposed to constantly add skills, that's normal, but it is nevertheless always a surprise.

Luke is in his big boy bed. It was no problem at all. Last weekend James put it together on Saturday, got it all set up with his blankets and animals (plus added Great-Grandma's quilt to it). We talked about it all day and by the time it was ready Luke had asked to go see it no less than 100 times. So, we did. He jumped and played and then for the two hours until nap time he begged to go to nap...out of character to say the least. So, nap came and went, night time came and went...and to date it hasn't been a big deal at all. He constantly reminds us now that he is a "big boy", so maybe we went a little overboard, or maybe he is a big boy. He also tells me repeatedly from the time out corner "I'm a big boy mommy." I don't know where he equated being a big boy with no time out...but, it hasn't gotten him out early yet, although it is pretty cute. Luke can also put on his shoes all by himself. That was a surprise. One day when I wasn't quick enough for him he just did it himself...put his white tennis shoes on. I was, of course, very impressed (as was the Stride Rite lady Thursday night when he did his own trying on). He now at least attempts the feat every time, so in no time he'll be a pro.

And recently added to the night time routine...the bath-duo. They bathe together! It's great, most of the time. It is a little tricky when she takes something he wants and vice versa, as well as when she tries standing in the tub when he has soap running in his eyes. For the most part though it is fun and slightly easier. Plus, it's cute...don't you think?

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