Dec 3, 2007

Strike a Pose

I think we have a run on Dancing with the Stars in the bag! Luke moves with the music so prompting required. It is hilarious. Whenever the music starts, no matter what music it is, he starts grooving. I have no idea where he got that from. I mean we are prone to a waltz around the kitchen on occasion, but I usually supply my own rendition of pop favorites...James was so surprised that Luke recognized "real" music. Maybe he had to take up dancing to burn those extra calories he is taking in these days. He's up to a meat, a veggie, and his bottle every evening now. In fact, he'll eat about anything these days...with the exception of guava. Why they even try to bottle that is unbeknownst to me...I mean, who really eats that on a regular basis? But...of course, we wanted to expose him to whatever they had on the shelf. There is still one bottle of the buy1 get 1 free guava on the shelf at this house if there are any takers out there. Check out the shot of him just before busting a move. Then there are also some pics taken this past weekend at the Botanical Gardens. We thought he'd be enthralled with the train exhibit they had going on there, but actually the waterfall was much more appealing.

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Anonymous said...

Luke inherited his dancing abilities from his grandmother A
Anderson. That's one of those things that skips a generation.