Dec 6, 2007


Our house cloaked in cheer

Just before the crying...Santa touches Luke on the cheek

Professional Santa at the Corinthian Care Group Christmas Party

Santa looked amazing! He was the most magical, realistic (as if Santa is real) Mr. Claus we'd ever seen. Check out his facial close up...tell me that isn't a face you just love to believe in. Everyone at the party agreed that he was the best Santa ever, well, except for Luke. James sat Luke on the jolly guy's lap. Luke looked him right in the face, checked him out real good, and shortly thereafter decided Santa was overrated. Just after the professionals got a shot, I got a shot as Santa reached up to touch Luke's cheek and try to make nice. That was too much for the Noodle...he went into immediate ugly cry mode. So, Santa suggested a family photo to get one more shot. The things you'll do for your kiddo...we each took a seat on Santa's knees...poor guy, with the noodle in the middle. It was in vain, Luke just arched around to see if the red monster was still there and upon seeing him the outburst resumed. Oh well, luckily a Santa stop isn't really needed at our house this year and dad have gotten the baby pretty well stocked under the tree. Since everything these days is valued in terms of its' price in relation to the price of formula, I'd say Luke doesn't have too many high dollar items under the tree, but combined we could trade them at HEB for a good month's worth of formula...when the truth is if we'd just let him loose with Otis' dog bone on Christmas day it'd be a day he'd never forget. Christmas is for kids, sort of...I think primarily its for parents of great kids, like ours. Added bonus of having the little guy around, in the flesh, this year, is that it motivated James to light the house. Check out the front of our house: the trees, the snowmen, the wreaths, and the bulbs are second to none!

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