Dec 28, 2007

The Last Installment

Luke wanted to let everyone know that sometime in mid-Aug he'll become a big longer will Otis hold that distinction to himself! It's early, only about 6 weeks, but he couldn't wait another second to let you know. If you have any advice for him, shoot it our way and well make sure he gets it. :)


Chippy said...

My Dearest Luke, CONGRATS on this tremendous event! Wow, you're going to be a Big Brother! I know you're going to be grrreat at it! I've read all that you've been up to and it just makes me miss you so much. I totally dig the hangin' out with one sock on and the other off. I frequently lounge around the house that way myself. Occasionally I even put on other clothes just so that my one sock doesn't feel lonely. As for your aptitude for kissing, you know--that whole puckering up thing is overrated. Just keep on with the open-mouth action, it's better anyway, just try to keep the slobber to a minimum (remember what I told you...slobber is never sexy). With regard to your dancing, I completely take the credit for that seeing as I held you and we swayed together in your living room when you were just a few weeks old. It was glorious!! fell asleep, but clearly you took a liking to it! Well my sweet, I so look forward to seeing & smooching on you again. Until then, love, hugs & kisses to you.

Denise Wheeler said...

Congrats!! I am so happy for you little Lukey! Now you will have to be big Lukey. Tell mommy and daddy that I said congratulations. How very exciting. Oh and tell mommy and daddy that they are missed too.