Dec 27, 2007

We See an Almost Tooth

At last...we almost have a tooth. It's the bottom front one on his left. It's white and just under the skin...just a little pink still stretched across. So, teething begins. Wish us luck!

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Chippy said...

Ooooh teething time! Don't believe the hype about applying baby Anbesol; a pork chop bone works just as well (no kidding). Someone told me that when Cosette was teething and I thought "There's no way I'm treating my child like a puppy." Well, er, she was REALLY irritable, as babies tend to get when they're teething, so I tried it and...well, she's a pork chop lovin' girl to this day! :-)

P.S. Anbesol works too, so does Tylenol when they're really hurting. Those little ice thingy's didn't work at all.