Aug 28, 2008

Aren't Grandparents Grand?

I have been remiss in showing picture evidence of all the grandparents being here to see Sam...(so, for Monica in Omaha) you go :)! They are all from early on when she was still in the NICU, which I hope explains a little (I was not quite with it with posting at that time, nor with anything else...much better now). Also it is probably overdue to post a thanks to them all. By what we believe was God's design, Grandma and Grandpa Hurst were here when Sam was born. Had they not been here visiting already James would have missed the delivery all together as there would not have been enough time to get someone here to watch Luke while he came to the hospital. Then for the week following they kept the house running and Luke entertained while I languished in the hospital and then spent the days going back and forth between here and there. Rumor has it they made sure Luke got a good dose of dance time in daily, which always wins him over! Following their visit, Pops Anderson came to serve as driver extraordinaire. I was unable to drive for 4 weeks, so he drove me every morning to the hospital and read his book while I visited and bonded with Sam. Then Ma Anderson made a quick visit in when Sam was born to take care of me primarily and then returned for a stint when Sam came home. The second trip I'd say she was Sam's primary caregiver as Luke was very intensive at first, so I was dedicated to him during the daylight hours. And of course, Ma did everything else too...she just gets it. So to all of the Grand Grandparents, James says "thanks", Laura says "thanks", Luke says "thanks", and Sam says "thanks"! We couldn't have made it without you!

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