Aug 18, 2008

She's Home!

The ride home.
Ma and Sam.
Look Great-Grandma Anderson...eyes wide open!
Sleeping peacefully.

Sam came home the Thursday before last (29 days old at the time). She was 4 lbs and 8 ounces at the time and now, 11 days later I'd guess she is very close to 6 lbs, so she is still packing on the pounds! We have a peds appointment on Wednesday, so we'll see what her official weight is then. She also, for the record, has her first cold. She has a weeping eye and is stopped up, but seems to be doing fine otherwise. Now, as for Luke, he is another story. He did not take her arrival very well at all and is still adjusting a bit. He liked her the first night, but then when she was still here the next morning it went downhill. He is whining nonstop, wants to be carried everywhere, and for a week had going to bed problems (which he NEVER had before). We had successfully dropped the daytime bottle the week prior to her coming home, but we are temporarily back on it to smooth the transition and facilitate nap time. He also had one MAJOR meltdown where he was completely inconsolable for about an hour, with real tears. I felt so sorry for him, but I just keep reminding myself that he won't even remember any of this in a few months. The next hurdle, I'm afraid, will be when Grandma goes home. We are busy all the time with 3 people here around the clock, I can't imagine going to just the two of us or just one during the day! Also, I am afraid Luke thinks that Grandma and Sam are a package since Grandma basically has her all day while I tend to Luke in all his clingyness. When she goes home and Sam's still here we may have wave number two of unleashed anger...say a little prayer for him, please.


Denise Wheeler said...

Yay!! Sam's home. That is wonderful. She is such a pretty little thing. Hopefully Luke transitions to her being there soon. I will definetly say a prayer for all of you.

Christine said...

She's beautiful Laura Jean. Glad to see that she's home. I've been thinking about you.