Aug 20, 2008

Latest Stats

Stats on Sam...sorry, not the Olympics...

She is 5 lbs 15 ounces as of today and 18 and a third inches! That's a 3 lb gain and the doctors are very pleased with that. She's in the 9th percentile for weight adjusted and the 7th for height, so again they were very pleased with that. In fact, she was bigger than they expected at this point. You can't underestimate our Sam. Her retinas also checked out as "mature" yesterday so no more eye appointments.


Denise Wheeler said...

Yay!! You go Sammie girl! I bet she is going to be like my three little preemies, you won't even know she was a preemie by the time she is 9 months. I am so glad that things look so good for her. That is absolutely awesome. I wish we could be done with the Opthamologist. I hate going there, they take too long.
We love you guys!!

Flo Hayes said...

Laura & James, I am so glad to see all is well. While I was overseas, I was unable to ceck the, I am glad to see things are going well. Sam is a cutie. I wish y'all the best. Luke will come along. No worries! Talk to you soon! Flo