Nov 12, 2008


Luke has chickenpox! Or at least we think so. He went to see his primary care doc today and she thinks that is what it is, but you never know for sure I guess. She told us to be careful to wash our hands when we switch between babies...yeah right. But, we are taking him to derm tomorrow first thing in the morning. They say that they can tell us for sure and that if it is the pox that they want him on some med to cause the course to run a little faster than usual just to eliminate any possibility of Sam getting it. Other doctors today told me that the chance of her getting it was pretty much 0% since she is exclusively one way or another I think we are safe. I just thought it was interesting though that 1 in 5 kids who were immunized still get chickenpox. I guess if immunized though, they typically get a mild case, which Luke's would qualify as. He doesn't seem uncomfortable, with the exception of a fever. He isn't itching or complaining too much, just feverish which Tylenol fixes. So...anyway, just wanted to share...we have our first infectious disease.

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Denise Wheeler said...

Poor Luke! If it is I hope Sam doesn't get it. I hope Luke feels better soon.