Nov 3, 2008

Halloween '08

For Halloween we first passed out play dough from the back of the pickup truck. In our neighborhood everyone sits outside to pass out Luke followed suit. He did great passing out the dough, except he told each of them "thank you" instead of "you're welcome". Maybe next year we'll get that right. When we ran out, we took him to a few houses, like four. He had no idea what to do. We'd tell him to go up and he would just walk up and stand in front of the candy man, staring him down, wondering what to do next. Each time the neighbor would open his bag for him and deposit the goods. he'd go running to the next yard, truck, interesting light, whatever really. So, four houses was enough. Then we came inside and he ditched the bag and headed for the living room. We called him back and talked him into at least dumping the bag. But, that was it, no interest in the candy. I don't think he knows what it is, which was lucky for us. We each had a candy treat after the kids went to bed.

On to the next stop...which wasn't necessarily a house.
Passing out play dough and getting compliments from all the trick or treater parents.

Me and my kids.

Sam looking pretty for the trick or treaters.

All dressed up for music class...with her black tights on, no doubt. Who even knew there were tights for 0-3 month olds?

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Denise Wheeler said...

What cute kiddos. They both look great.