Nov 3, 2008


This is an evening trip to base. Behind the headquarters building there is a parade field that is lined in planes. It is where all enlisted people entering the Air Force do their graduation ceremony. So, one nice evening last week we took Luke out there after dinner to just walk around. It is a great outing. It is wide open, safe, and huge. It took us an hour to make it around the whole track and touch every single plane. We were there just long enough to see the big spotlights turn on at dusk, which he also thought was cool. I think we have a flyer on our hands...the plane fascination has not yet passed. This past weekend the air show was held at base, so we took him there too. We didn't go out to the flight line as we thought it'd be too loud, so we just watched from the windows in the hospital. He watched for a good few minutes and enjoyed it.

Aim high!
They are bigger than they look, which Luke is pointing out to you.

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