Nov 13, 2008

False Alarm

Luke does not have chicken pox. He has a viral infection; chicken pox is a viral infection, but this is different. They did a culture so we will know definitively eventually, but in the meantime he is basking in the attention. While he was cuddly last night and you could tell he didn't feel himself, tonight he was back on track. On track is his norm, otherwise described as wild and crazy! There was a point when he was running circles in the middle of the family room singing the ABC song. There was a point when he was throwing each ball individually to no one in particular, then retrieving them to start all over. And there was a point where he was stuffing his face so full of fig newton that there was no room left for the jaw movement it'd take to actually chew and swallow the fig newton. So, I'd say his energy level and appetite are fine. And...ask his dad if there is any problem with bowel movements. I can assure you he'd tell you there is no problem there either.

Sam had her first taste of formula tonight and she was not happy about it. She took a sip of the concoction, half and half, and gave me the nastiest face. Then she had a few sips and refused the rest. She went to sleep anyway though, so we'll see if she makes it through the night or not in light of her light pre-bed snack. Last night she slept from 900 to 620! Super sleeper. In other news...her first tutu came in the mail today. It is SO cute! She is having her pictures made in a week and a half and the prime outfit is going to be her in her tutu. Every little girl needs a tutu, or at least that was my justification for buying it. I think you'll agree when you see how cute she is in it.


Denise Wheeler said...

I am glad to hear that Luke does not have chicken pox. Hopefully, whatever it is won't be given to his baby sister. I am glad to hear that he is feeling better and being the wild and crazy Luke that you love.

Anonymous said...

So...we need to see the photos!!!