Jan 10, 2009

Chrismas 08!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, "who's the prettiest baby of them all?"

Feeding the ducks at the park.

Trying out his duck call on the ducks at the park (the bread worked better than the call). Oh and he tried out the goose call too...I don't think we have geese in South Texas, but his dad insisted that this was a must have item (maybe the ulterior motive was to keep the slobber off his own calls??).

Tummy time and a burping position (none of them really work...she is the hardest baby to burp).

The recorder. I think we were visited by Santa's evil twin. I mean what kind of Santa brings noisy toy upon noisy toy to one house in one year...someone is out to drive us crazy. But, hey, he loves it, so we continue to tell him he sounds better than Beethoven.

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Denise Wheeler said...

Cute pictures. Looks like Luke made out like a bandit this year.