Jan 18, 2009

A Few Firsts

Forgot to mention...we had a couple of firsts this weekend. First and foremost, Sam ate rice cereal. Friday night she had her first go at it and just sort of pushed it out, as was expected. She was cute doing it though. She is just so laid back, it was as if she didn't notice. She just continued to look around to see what was going on around her, the whole while pushing her tongue out at me as I tried to feed her. We have it on video, which I'll be uploading here whenever James gets around to downloading it for me. Then last night and tonight she ate again, with pretty much the same result, although I'd say she actually retained more of it tonight than she has the last two nights.

Then also tonight in WalMart, Sam was in the Baby Bjorn and I was pushing Luke in the cart. Luke was shaking a box of push pins and Sam laughed, and laughed, and laughed. She has been known to let a giggle out here and there, but this was a laughing fit! It was hilarious and her first real longstanding laughing. You could hear her all over the store (or at least on our aisle and the one over). Luke was intrigued that he was causing her to do something, but not as amused as we were. I think he was just into the cause and effect of it all and thus, continued to shake and shake...so much that he punched a whole in the box and we had to grab another one to keep the fun going.

Other than that, Luke has been sick all weekend. You can pretty much count on any holiday or 3-day weekend we'll be guaranteed a sickness in the family. Thanksgiving we were all sick, Easter Luke had croup, this time he had a nasty virus. He has a sore throat and sores in his mouth...didn't eat or drink anything for two days. Nor did he take a nap for two days, probably because he was hungry. So, anyway, it has been a challenging weekend. We both had to come home early on Friday in fact, because he wouldn't let Sandra put him down. He just wanted someone to hold him, which of course can't be done when there is another baby in need of feeding. So we came home and assisted. We watched lots of Elmo on Friday and Saturday. He was all right at church, but actually requested a nap afterwards, which is unheard of. I'm hoping he is a lot better in the morning (he was a little bit better this morning) because I have a date planned with him in the morning. James is going shopping for some fishing gear, so Luke and I are going to run to the park, play, and run back. Then, James and I are going to a movie...so two dates in one day...wow!

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Denise Wheeler said...

Aww, I hope Luke feels better. I spent the night in the ER with Joshua. I am beginning to hate this time of year. One of the kids is always sick.