Jan 10, 2009

Christmas 08!

4-wheeling on Christmas morning. He got a little cocky and started putting his feet up.
Watching Sesame Street. Elmo's World is the only part Luke finds interesting. We have to fast forward to the end, but it looks to me like this must have been Elmo time due to the intensity on his face. Sam is just happy to be sitting on the couch next to her brother at all...it is a rare occurrence, as he isn't quite trustworthy yet.

Luke turning his little laptop on and off, on and off. It is way too advanced for him to know how to do the games. We just got it for him so that maybe he'd quite messing with the home computer...so far, no luck...he messes with both now.

Grandma and Luke on Christmas...enjoying some toys together.

Grandpa, who looks calls just "pa", and Luke hanging out the day after Christmas...probably waiting on football to start.

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