Jan 10, 2009

Christmas 08!

I think we need to do a Hanukkah like deal next year, where we open gifts all week long. Our Christmas was a little overwhelming for the little guy. Then, of course, we could also just not buy so much crap...yeah, we'll try that, maybe. The thing is Luke loved the bus, the kitchen, the 4-wheeler, the recorder, duck calls, the tent tunnel, and the Caterpillar truck the best, except for when compared to the generic coffee mug that Grandpa got in his stocking. When that was unveiled he took it immediately and played with it the rest of the evening. Who knew? Truly it is the parent(s) who want to buy and give, give, give; the kids really don't care about about all the toys...or at least not at this age. That's an idea. We'll buy less and save the money we would have spent on all the stuff we really wanted to buy, but didn't, and then use it when they become tweens and start asking for the next generation wii and ipod.

Loving on the baby.


Luke thinks this is his gift. He thinks everything is his. His favorite word these days is "mine". Argh!

How cute?!

Our little daredevil in action.

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