Oct 13, 2008

Another Week Flies By

Our couch potato in the cutest dress ever donned by a potato. Dress provided by Aunt Paula Clagg.
Out for our evening stroll. Luke loves his evening strolls and the countless renditions of 'Old McDonald' that we do on the walk.
Swimming in the tub. You tell him to swim and he flops over and starts kicking. I have no idea where he learns such things! We never taught him to swim, but rather just to walk in the baby pool or float in the big pool...so where do they get this stuff from?
Two babies asleep before 10...priceless!
Our little miss asleep in her chair. We haven't made a successful transition back to the crib yet since that week when she was so congested. We'll be trying again tomorrow.

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Denise Wheeler said...

Look at those chubby cheeks she has! Oh my goodness! They are both too cute.