Oct 12, 2008

Love Creek Orchard in Medina Texas

Cool Hand Luke
Picnic Lunch
Petting Zoo
The Way Home
Ready for Fall!

Yesterday we visited an apple orchard about an hour away that does a fall festival deal each year. It started with a tractor ride from the parking lot to the front gate. Luke loved that! Then we continued on to the petting zoo (of course), the hay bail maze, the hay bail play-in-it pile, the horseback ride, the numerous pumpkin piles (for picture taking), and we topped it off with lunch. While Luke ate his PB&J and apple ice cream, we had apple tarts and an apple cupcake with cider frosting...get the theme? Everything had an apple flavor straight form the apple orchard. All the pics here are of the kiddos at the orchard. Sam was a bit fussy, so she only managed to pose once and I don't think it is one to be too proud of, but I wanted to include it to show that she was at least in the Husker spirit (which is probably why they did so well against the Red Raiders).

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Denise Wheeler said...

Oh, I love that place and the apple ice cream is to die for! Cute pictures. I hope you guys had as much fun as we did when we went last year.