Oct 5, 2008

First Zoo Visit

We took Luke to the zoo this past Friday. If he had to choose only three highlights to see again he'd pick 1) the construction zone, 2) the water bed, and 3) the parrot. Elephants, no big deal. Hundreds of birds landing on your head, down right scary. Giraffes, he sees them daily on his blanket. But, bring out the excavator and you have won him over! They were renovating a new exhibit called "Africa Live" and unfortunately no matter how nice it ends up being I don't think it'll top the construction vehicles it took to make it in Luke's eyes. Then they had a toddler play section, which was super cool. There was a fishing pond, a whole little city set up, animal enclosures you could crawl into the middle of, and best of all...a water bed. He loved the water bed...maybe his first big boy bed could be a water bed...or maybe he'd then be up all night playing. Anyway, the only animal who got a reaction was the parrot. I must admit the parrot was pretty, but Luke talking to the parrot was the real show. He gave his best "ka-ka" and a little wave. Then it was on to the petting zoo, which was really a goat zoo. It also qualified as a highlight, but since it wasn't his first goat experience, he is old hand at it, I didn't think it should be ranked. In the goat farm he did the usual, chase and kiss, and then he added a new move, the goat hug. The goats didn't appreciate his affection, but it was cute nevertheless.

Going in for a big wet one.

The hug assault.

Love the bulldozers in action!

Don't come any closer!

Checking out the giraffes...briefly, as the construction zone was directly behind us.

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