Oct 16, 2008

Laughing Babies!

This smile is a product of the nightly, post-bath tickle that his dad initiates.
This smile is just cause.
These are just cute pants that I had to share with her admirers.
This is Luke's "smile". When you tell him to smile for a picture this is his best effort. It is hilarious!
And this is James' latest project. He made this huge name plate for above Sam's crib, hand painted it and all. It is the finishing touch.


Denise Wheeler said...

What cuties! I love the name plate. Can he make 3 more? Just kidding.

Anonymous said...

Laura, Glad to see they are doing so wonderfully! You and James are looking great! I wish I could get a TDY to San Antonio so that I could see y'all in person!!! Miss you bunches...Flo