Oct 12, 2008

Love Creek Orchard In Medina Texas Cont...

Forgot to mention a couple of milestones. Luke is up to two word strings now. His favorite "more, please". And he can say "roll tide" when prompted. Sam is smiling at us...she has been for a few weeks, but this week she has really taken off. It isn't just a smile anymore but an all-out-smile fit. She has to be careful about the smiles though, if she gets too wide her humongous cheeks push her eyes closed and she can't see what she is smiling about anymore - then she gets all confused. Maybe the chub in those cheeks will get redistributed over time.

Trying to do Itsy Bitsy Spider - He Loves that One!
Not my best shot! But, hey, the Huskers need whatever they can get these days.

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